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Awesomatix AM180EVO SB Bellcrank

Awesomatix AM180EVO SB Bellcrank


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AM180EVO SB Bellcrank for A800MMX Single Bellcrank Steering (SB1).

The EVO version is equipped with the same bigger bearings as the M5 version to further increase the reliability. 
Furthermore the height of the AM180EVO is slighlty adjusted to avoid contact with P12X at certain setups. 
By this change, less bumpsteer shims are needed on the steering arm, which reduces the stress in this part.
To keep the same bumpsteer value as with AM180M5 use 1,25mm less bumpsteer shims.

INFO: AM180EVO is only compatible with ST118L-1 !

contains: 1pcs A800-AM180EVO

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