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Awesomatix GD2B-R - Gear Diff Set B

Awesomatix GD2B-R - Gear Diff Set B


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GD2B-R full Diff set for all A800 based models.

Note: A800-P138 - 38T Pulley and SC2x4mm Screws not included with GD2B Set. 

To make a complete assembled Gear Diff add 2x SC 2x4, 1x P138 and 1x B106RS

Includes new P46R Balls 


AT123B 1pcs
AT124B 1pcs
ST31-1 2pcs
ST23X 2pcs
P39 1pcs
P46R 2pcs
G07 4pcs
G08 2pcs
B85 2pcs
WA02 4pcs
WA03 2pcs
OR13V 1pcs
OR05V 2pcs
OR06 2pcs
PIN02 2pcs
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