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MIBO Racing Tire Sander

MIBO Racing Tire Sander


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The MIBO Racing Tire Sander is a must-have tool for every racing driver to prepare their tires for optimal performance on the track. It makes removing mold lines from new tires quick and easy, allowing you to skip several laps of wear-in time.

It is designed for use with files or sanding papers, available in various grit options. The rotation speed helps to effectively and evenly remove the mold lines, ensuring a smooth tire surface. This way your tires can provide better traction and consistent handling right from the start, allowing you to focus on achieving faster lap times.

The durable aluminum cover and compact size allow for easy portability, while the quality motor ensures smooth and quiet operation, making it a convenient tool to bring to race events or use in your workshop.

Its operational voltage is 7.2 - 12V DC. That means it can be powered by an adjustable 12V power supply, or 2S LiPo battery, providing a portable and convenient power source for on-the-go tire sanding.

The MIBO Racing Tire Sander features a quick and secure wheel mounting system. With a convenient thumb screw, you can effortlessly attach the wheel to the sander, ensuring stability during the sanding process. This efficient wheel mounting system saves you time and effort, allowing for hassle-free tire preparation.

  • MIBO Racing Tire Sander including wheel thumb screw
  • Power cable with G4 connectors
  • Instruction manual
  • Sticker sheet
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