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ORCA Blitreme 2 Brushless Motor 17.5T (ETS APPROVED)

ORCA Blitreme 2 Brushless Motor 17.5T (ETS APPROVED)


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The ORCA 17.5T Blitreme2 brushless motor is the power package for the popular ETS 17.5T Stock and 40+ Masters classes. The motor, in combination with the ORCA Blinky Pro controller, ensures absolute equality of opportunity and also has great performance. So if you want to prepare perfectly for an ETS race (there you can get the motor from the ETS motor pool for all drivers) you should equip yourself with an ORCA 17.5T Blitreme2 motor. Of course, the engine is also recommended for all other open 17.5T stock races!

Technical specification
Type: Brushless
Racing Class: Stock
Turns: 17.5 T
ETS Approved: Yes
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