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Rubber Bumper XRAY X4 - Light

Rubber Bumper XRAY X4 - Light


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The Milansport Rubber Bumper is 3d printed from high quality flexible material. After many protorypes and designs I decided to stick with the honeycomb/hex theme. This had the best results in flexibility and absorbing hits.
The Bumper come in two different sizes:
Light - 10.5g weight and 8mm height in the front of the bumper
Heavy - 18g weight and 13mm height in the front of the bumper (the same height as in the standard foam bumper)
Ofc it is heavier from the foam bumper but the weight was not the point of making this type of bumpers. The main reason was the durability.
The biggest advantages of the bumper compare to the foam bumper:
- absorbs better hits and does not transfer it into the car
- keeps the shape after any crash
- stays flat compare to foam bumper that have the tendency to deform
The Milansport Rubber Bumpers got the MS logo in front as proof of authenticity.
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