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RUDDOG 29T 64dp Aluminium Pinion

RUDDOG 29T 64dp Aluminium Pinion


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Discover the RUDDOG 64dp Aluminum Pinion – the ultimate pinion gear for your touring car or 1/12 pan car! Crafted from lightweight aluminum, these pinion gears offer an ideal combination of low weight and outstanding performance. Available in a wide range of tooth counts from 21T to 45T, you'll find the perfect pinion to suit your individual needs.

The RUDDOG 64dp Aluminum Pinions are compatible with all popular touring car models such as the Xray X4, Awesomatix A800, Mugen MTC2, as well as most 1/12 pan cars. The precise meshing and lightweight design provide improved acceleration and responsiveness while reducing the strain on the drivetrain.

Boost the performance of your RC vehicle with the RUDDOG 64dp Aluminum Pinions and experience agile, responsive driving pleasure with increased efficiency. Rely on the quality and precision of RUDDOG pinion gears for a long-lasting and reliable driving experience with your RC model. Whether you're on the racetrack or enjoying leisure driving, the RUDDOG 64dp Aluminum Pinions deliver the performance you need to get the most out of your vehicle. Trust the proven quality of RUDDOG and experience top-class driving enjoyment!


Tooth Count: 29T

Tooth Type: 64dp

Inner Diameter: 3.175mm

Material: Aluminium

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