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RUDDOG Racing 6300mAh 150C/75C 7.6V Short Stick Pack LiPo-HV Battery

RUDDOG Racing 6300mAh 150C/75C 7.6V Short Stick Pack LiPo-HV Battery


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RUDDOG Distribution is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest product, the RUDDOG Racing LiHV line of batteries. If you're an avid racer, you know that batteries are a crucial component of any race car, whether you're into stock or modified racing. Our batteries are designed with the latest generation of silicon-graphene LiPo cells, delivering the lowest possible internal resistance and the highest capacity available.

Our 2023 Ruddog Racing batteries are built using high-power 75C/150C cells, ensuring that you'll experience exceptional performance every time you hit the track. Our latest 2023-Spec Silicon-Graphene Lithium-Polymer Cells provide even better internal resistance, leading to higher power output, so you can push your car to its limits with confidence.

Whether you're looking for a battery that can keep up with your high-performance needs or simply want a reliable, long-lasting option for your race car, the RUDDOG Racing LiHV line of batteries is the perfect choice. Upgrade to the power and performance of RUDDOG Racing batteries today!



  • High-power 75C/150C cells for exceptional performance.
  • Latest 2023-Spec Silicon-Graphene Lithium-Polymer Cells for improved internal resistance and higher power output.
  • Low internal resistance for maximum power delivery to your race car.
  • High capacity for longer run times and fewer battery changes during races.
  • Lightweight construction for improved handling and agility of your race car.



- Capacity: 6300mAh

- Nominal Voltage: 7.6V | 2S | LiHV

- Discharge-Rate: 75C/150C

- Cell Type: Silicon-Graphene Lithium-Polymer

- Length: 95.5mm

- Width: 46.5mm

- Height: 25.0mm

- Weight: 215g

- Plug: 5mm

- Balancer-Plug: 2mm

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