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Sagami RC

Sagami RC Fab XR-007 Aluminum servo horn Type-B

Sagami RC Fab XR-007 Aluminum servo horn Type-B


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Aluminum servo horn compatible with XRAY servo saver (part number 372503). For Type-B, the mounting surface of the ball stud is offset by 5mm from XR-006.

As a result, in the case of Awesomematix A12 with 6mm short wheelbase specification, Ackermann can be brought closer to the kit standard specification. Machining on the chassis side is not necessary.

Also, in the case of CRC, XRAY, etc., when using relatively large servos such as KO propo, there are cases where the servo interferes with the front lower arm and the position of the servo cannot be moved forward, and Ackermann is restricted. If you use Type-B servo horn, you can set Ackermann to the optimum position.

In addition to the above applications, it contributes to the expansion and optimization of the steering linkage adjustment range in various vehicle models.

Like the XR-006, the overall size is reduced, so in the case of Sanwa Servo, the servo position can be lowered by about 1.3mm.

Material : A7075-T6 (Black anodized)

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