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SkyRC NC2200 AA/AAA NiMH/NiCD Battery Charger & Analyzer

SkyRC NC2200 AA/AAA NiMH/NiCD Battery Charger & Analyzer


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The NC2200 charger is a compact charger for up to 4 rechargeable NiMH / NiCd batteries in sizes AA or AAA. With four independent slots, the batteries can be charged differently depending on their capacity. And to further increase comfort, the VA display shows the most important data such as the charging current, the battery capacity as well as the internal resistance, the voltage and the remaining time in real-time updates. This is only possible thanks to the extremely powerful Cortex-M3 processor from ARM, which is built into this loader.

FlexiPuls is another innovation in the options that the device can offer the user. During the life-time of a battery, for example, the internal resistance increases with each use. This therefore consumes more electricity and also makes the battery get hotter when charging. The FlexiPuls developed by SkyRC prevents this problem by reducing the charging current as soon as the NC2200 reaches a certain internal resistance value. This is not only economical, it is also ecological.

However, if that is not enough for You, the SkyCharger smartphone app and the Bluetooth dongle have the option of calling up all the information mentioned, a charging graph and updating the firmware of the device.


  • 4 independent charging slots with each 2000mA/2200mA (Turbo)
  • Program to rescue batteries
  • High contrast VA display
  • Internal resistance measurement incl. FlexiPulse
  • Robust technology in pocket format
  • Advanced security features
  • 5 charging modus
    • Turbo (fast charge)
    • Charge
    • Discharge
    • Refresh & Analyse
    • Break-In
Technische Daten:
Input Voltage DC: 12V/2.0A
Charging Current: 0.2A - 2.2A
Discharging Current: 0.1A - 1.0A
Batterty Type: AA / AAA NiMH
Supported capacity: 500-3200mAh
Capacity protection: 3200mAh
Weight: 370g
Dimensions: 112.1x108x62mm


1x NC2200 charger
1x manual

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