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Waldo Timing System

Waldo Timing System Transponder Black Pro

Waldo Timing System Transponder Black Pro


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The WTS BLACK PRO thanks to its transparent case is the ideal choice for those who love to have a refined look on their car.


The WTS Transponder is compatible with all RC System including RC Version 4 Decoders with Firmware 4.4 or lower.

Operation is purely lap counting and timing using its 7 DIGIT ID number.

The Transponder is ready to be used right away simply by connecting to a Battery or plugging into a free Receiver Channel or BATT Socket.


Dimensions: 19x19x6mm
Weight: 4gr
Temperature Range: 0-50 degree (Celsius)
Humidity: max 90% relative
Signal Transfer: Magnetic Induction
Transponder Position: Horizontal Max Height 15cm
Power Feed: RX Channel or Battery
Connection Plug: Standard Servo Plug
Operating Voltage: 3V-16V DC (Reverse Polarity Protected)
Power Consumption: 14mAh @ 6V
Display LED: Ultra-Bright RED


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