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Waldo Timing System

Waldo Timing System Transponder Black Pro Duplicate (2 met zelfde nummer)

Waldo Timing System Transponder Black Pro Duplicate (2 met zelfde nummer)


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Waldo Timing System Black Pro Duplicate transponders

New black edition of WTS transponders. It is characterized by a black housing with a crystal point where the red led which indicates the transponder operation, flashes. The wire has also been changed to black with more flexibility and slightly thicker insulation for greater safety.

In this offer you will get 2 Black Pro transponders with the same ID number!

The rest of the information remains unchanged

The WTS transponder is compatible with all RC systems, including version 4 RC decoders with firmware 4.4 or lower. The operation consists solely in counting laps and timing using a 7-digit ID number.
The transponder is ready for immediate use, just plug it into the battery or connect it to a free channel of the receiver or BATT socket. Once powered on, the LED will blink rapidly.
The WTS power cable is easy to replace. Heat the black part of the transponder to 80 ° C and slowly remove the PCB from the housing.
Solder new cable to PCB pads, check polarity. Reinsert the PCB into the housing. Use "hot glue" to close the case.

Dimensions: 19 x 19 x 6mm
Weight: 4g
Temperature range: 0-50 C °
Humidity: maximum 90% relative
Signal transfer: magnetic induction
Transponder position: horizontal Maximum height 15 cm
Power supply: RX channel or battery
Connection plug: Standard servo plug
Working voltage: 3V-16VDC (reverse polarity protected)
Power consumption: 14 mA at 6 V.
LED display: very bright RED

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