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  • All new Chassis with updated Flex at the front - the car is more reactive and offers more space for electronical parts.
  • To change the balance of the car and the center of gravity, the electronical parts (not included) can be mounted more up front or back. 
  • The optional mounting plate for the electronic parts can be exchanged with a steel weight. Both parts are not included in the kit. 
  • The anti-roll bar system at the front has been upgraded. The anti-roll bars are now positioned further out on suspension arms, which leads to an easier to handle car. 
  • The springs are all new. The kit includes linear springs - 49mm at the front and 67mm in the back, which are longer than the former springs.
  • The steering blocks were developed for tracks with high grip. The kit includes the hard variant. 
  • The suspension arms have been updated to match the anti-roll bar system. The kit includes the medium variant.
  • The gear box is super narrow and low, but still offers easy and fast access to the gears. 
  • The carpet edition includes a gear diff with large oil capaccity to keep the gear running longer.
  • The diff height can be adjustet with included inserts.
  • The motorplate is now lower but still protects the spur effectively. It remains super lightweight. 
  • The roll center holder is redesigned for the narrower gear box.
  • The multi-adjustable rear suspension features longer CVD drive shafts and longer rear camber link. The carpet edition includes the 94mm variant. 
  • The rear uprights now feature alu roll center mounts.
  • The suspension holders are more narrow, to fit the narrow gear box. This offers more traction. 
  • The chassis brace up front is another component of the multi-flex system and influences flex and handling. 
  • The steering system was redesigned for both high and low traction conditions. 
  • The new shock towers now fit the narrow gear box.
  • The shocks don't inlcude membranes, but are still easy to build. 
  • The battery holders are tweakfree and fully adjustable. It offers three different positions for the battery to influence the center of gravity.

Sold as kit. Without electronics and tires. Body and wing are included.

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