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ZooRacing Gorilla MAX 1:10 FWD Car 190mm Body (clear) 0,7mm - REGULAR

ZooRacing Gorilla MAX 1:10 FWD Car 190mm Body (clear) 0,7mm - REGULAR


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ZooRacing Gorilla MAX 1:10 FWD Car 190mm Body (clear) 0,7mm - REGULAR

ZooRacing product description:

The Gorilla MAX body for 190mm touring cars is the second FWD body from ZooRacing and the evolution of the popular Gorilla!

The Gorilla MAX is the pinnacle of ZooRacing's 1/10th scale FWD bodies.

Designed to push the performance limits of the ever-evolving FWD class, it represents a significant leap in aerodynamic efficiency and handling characteristics.

Designed with great attention to detail, the Gorilla MAX features a slimmer and more aerodynamic roofline to optimize airflow to the rear wing.

This results in a higher top speed and equally improved driving stability on the racetrack.

The redesigned front end exudes modernity and elegance - while the close-fitting wheel arches minimize turbulence at the rear, enabling smoother cornering and overall improved handling.

With the shortened tail section, the Gorilla MAX offers unparalleled agility and allows the rider to negotiate tight corners with precision and confidence.

The increased wheelbase blends seamlessly with current FWD chassis designs for optimal performance and compatibility.

In addition, the Gorilla MAX features smoothed surfaces along the side windows. This improves aerodynamic efficiency, reduces drag and provides an even more dynamic driving experience.

Building on the ZooRacing construct of innovation and quality craftsmanship, the Gorilla MAX sets a new standard for front-wheel drive touring car bodies, offering unrivaled performance combined with style on the track.

Experience the pinnacle of racing excellence! The ZooRacing Gorilla MAX is already approved by the EFRA for 2024.

REGULAR: 0.7mm thick - 72g weight without paint and stickers, incl. wings Wings included

The technical data:

Scale: 1:10 touring car / FWD

Wheelbase: approx. 257mm

Width: approx. 190mm

Roof height: approx. 125mm

The features:

- developed and shaped using CAD design

- special FWD design with equalized front / rear balance

- flat design for high top speed, low center of gravity and high cornering speeds

- large wheel arches allow clearance in the mounting position, even without contact with the tires

- special structure in the rear area as an anti-tuck feature against jammed bodies

- Wheel arches with integrated possible offset to the front or rear

- Anti-tuck reinforcement also integrated in the side panels

- detailed decal sheet

- Screws and nuts for the rear wing included

Technical specification
Onroad: Front Wheel Drive FWD
Thickness: 0,7 mm
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